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“The great distinguishing mark of the heathen was Sunday and the mark of God’s people was the Sabbath (Eze.20:12-20).  Side by side through the centuries God’s people worshiping Him, obeying His commandments, keeping His Sabbath; and the heathen were worshiping the sun, keeping Sunday, offering their children in the fire as a sacrifice to the sun, or crucifying their human victims to turn away his supposed anger.

“One writer in a noted periodical says that ‘Sunday was the wild, solar holiday of all pagan times.’  It was on this day that the worst features of sun worship were practiced.  Too often Israel did these things too, but God constantly sent them messages to obey Him.

“Finally Christ, the Son of God, was born.  The exact day of His birth no one knows, but it was probably in October. He was just thirty-three and a half years old when He was crucified, in April, at the time of the Passover.  How Jesus loved His people!  He loved them so much that He was willing to suffer abuse and mocking, scourging and death.  Remember that Tammuz was exalted by Satan to be the great rival o Jesus, and the symbol of the cross was the sign of sun worship.  Through all the years it had seemed that the sun god was greater than the true God, for Israel alone followed God, but often even Israel followed the sun god.

“Oh yes, Jesus loved His people! He came into a world that had forgotten Him, its Creator, suffered every insult at its hands, and finally died upon the symbol of sun worship, even, says Paul, “the death of the cross”  (Phil.2:8).

“What rejoicing then by the demons! The Son of God delivered by His own people and crucified by the sun-worshiping Romans on the symbol of sun worship! Oh the condescending Jesus! How He must have loved His people!”

“The old man’s face softened, and the children saw tears in his eyes.  After a time he went on.  His eyes were shining now.

“But God honored that sacrifice! On the third day after His crucifixion, the first day for sun worship, while the spirits of demons were in the wildest orgy of celebration over their victory; for, through many men Satan’s angels all rejoiced in the victory of false worship on that very day set aside and honored by the name of the sun- God raised His Son from the grave a conqueror! As after Creation He had rested, so after redemption He rested in the tomb on His Sabbath; and now, on the day of the sun, He was raised, eternal victor over the sun worship and all false systems of worship.  That was why God raised Him on Sunday.  Once more the Sabbath is God’s sign between Him a His people.   His disciples kept it while they lived.

“But Satan was not yet through with the world. First, he persecuted God’s people, and then he tempted them again.  The heathen were still keeping Sunday; and, as the Christians were scattered throughout the world, Satan whispered in the ears of God’s people that they should try to gain favor by being more like the heathen.  Was not Christ born toward the end of the year? The exact date was uncertain.  Why not call it the same date as the birth of Tammuz? So December 25 became Christmas.

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