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Halloween has become more and more a degenerate holiday.  We see crimes against children with poison and pins in apples and in candy, muggings, rapes and bizarre murders, etc. all on night of “innocent” fun dressing up in costumes and gathering sugary treats.

Looking at the “theme” and decorations in the stores should be a warming to what and who is being honored on this holiday celebration.  Most all of us pass it by as “innocent” fun but more parents are concerned and afraid to let their children go out to trick and treat and well they should be.

Why do we dress in all those horrid and hideous costumes (the scariest the better) of ghosts, demons, skeletons, witches and etc. and now supernatural heroes and the like? Let us look at the back ground of this “strange” holiday to discover the true essence of it all and see if you still want to “honor” and follow its celebration.

The celebration of Halloween or “All Hallows’ Eve” is based on satanic and spiritualistic (occult) practices of de Druids and Celtics who are traced back to Ireland, Scotland, England and parts of Europe before the Christian church.

The ancient occult (pagan) order of the druids celebrated Nov. 1 (end of summer) in honor of their god “Samhain”, Lord of the dead. The rites were far from fun and thrilling.  “All Hallows’ Eve” festival (Oct.31) was originally a festival of fire, the dead, and the powers of darkness.  This was the time of year when the “souls” of the departed (dead) were to visit their old homes to warm by the fires, bondfires.  Samhain, Lord of the dead, was later called Halligan and Hallowmass.  This is where the name today for this holiday comes from.  This “eve” of celebration was the most important festival concerning the dead to the ancient Druids and Celtics.

The Druids were most interested in sacrifice, trances and casting spells.  The sacrifice o humans was used and human sacrifice is still used by Druid religion today in Ireland, Britain and no doubt here in America as satanic rites and sacrifices are increasing and Druid temples (churches) are found here in America.

The practice of the Druids was to go from house to house and farm to farm to demand a virgin for sacrifice.  If the master (owner) complied with a sacrifice a “carved pumpkin” with a human fat candle was left on his door steps to let the “evil” spirits know he did his duty to the “gods”.  Do you still want a carved pumpkin head at your door, window or porch?

Virtually all of the customs for Halloween today can be traced to the ancient Druid and Celtic “day of the dead”

The dressing up in costumes and masks is to imitate the roaming from door to door of the “dreadful spirits” of the dead who were thought to be out and around and food and drink were given to placate or to keep them from doing harm.  This is where “trick or treat” comes from.

When we realize what is behind all this “innocent fun” should not we as Christians and concerned parents decide this is not a holiday to encourage or celebrate.  This holiday is in every way devoid of any value or virtue of praise to the enlightened parent and Christian.

Why do we make such a big celebration and honor this “satanic’ Holiday? Because many do not know the truth and the origin of Halloween and hopefully when you see the background and understand that it “still” belong to Satan and his followers and that it is witchcraft, satanism and occultism you will be deterred from participating in this celebration of “All Hallows’ Eve”.

You have now read only in part of what is really behind Halloween and should realize this is not a holiday to continue or to encourage, especially for Christians, as we see the increase of fearful crimes to our children.

Let us not fool ourselves “evil” is still attached to this night of “innocent” fun, Halloween.  We thank you for reading and may you be led to the right decision of non participation in this “satanic” holiday. (Christians Parents)


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