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In order that the people should love her as queen as long as she lived, Semiramis told them that hers was the spirit of the moon; and, when she died, she would dwell in the moon; as Nimrod already dwelt in the sun.

“Satan was laying the foundation for every system of falsehood and error the world has ever known.  The sun god, under different names, was worshiped in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as conquering nations were conquered by the religion of their captives.

“Every year when the cold season began, the people believed their sun god was leaving them.  They came to learn that his lowest dip on the horizon, about December 21, was followed by his gradual return, until in midsummer he was directly overhead at noonday. It was 25th of December that they noticed, each year, the coming back, a little, of their god.  This day they called the birthday of the sun. It was this belief in the annual journey of their god that Elijah alluded to in his conflict with the priests of Baal, the Syro-Phoenician sun god (1Kings 18:19-40).

“After the death of Nimrod.  Semiramis never married again—indeed how could the queen of heaven marry an ordinary man? But some years later she gave birth to a son.  His name was Tammuz, and he was born on the 25th day of December! There was wild rejoicing in the nation over which Semiramis was queen.  She told the people that the spirit of the sun, her husband Nimrod, was the father of Tammuz, and thus through her sin Satan persuaded the people of the counterfeit birth of Jesus; for Jesus was really born of a virgin.

“Tammuz was hailed as the Son of the Sun and the first letter of his name became in time the symbol of sun worship.  Human sacrifices to the sun god were offered on this initial letter, made of wood, known as the cross.  His birthday, December 25, was honored more and more, and the first day of the week was called the Sun’s day, or Sunday.  The people forgot God’s Sabbath, and honored the day of the sun.  To honor Semiramis they set aside a time in honor of the moon. This was the first full moon after the vernal equinox, or the twenty-first of March.  The first Sunday after this full moon was indeed a gala day.

“While yet a young man, Tammuz, a hunter like his supposed father, was killed by a wild boar.  What weeping there was in the kingdom! And the forty days before the time of the celebration for the moon were set apart as days of weeping for Tammuz.

“God’s people were constantly being tempted to follow this religion instead of that of the Bible.  Often Satan succeeded in his purpose. In the eighth chapter of Ezekiel we read of the women’s weeping for Tammuz and the people’s turning their backs on the temple of God and worshiping the sun toward the east.  They also worshiped the moon goddess, making cakes to the queen of heaven (Jer.7:18-19).  These were round cakes on which had been cut a cross.

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