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Easter is a time for bunny rabbits, colored eggs, hot cross buns, and springtime apparel. Where did Easter come from? Here is the fascinating story o how it originated.

Few people realize that ‘Easter’ is not the resurrection of Christ; in fact, the only time the word is found in the Bible (in Acts 12:4), it is only ‘Easter’ by mistranslation. The word en the original Greek is ‘Passover’.

Jesus died at the time of the Passover feast.  But the Passover is not Easter, and Jesus did not die at Easter time. Here is information you will want to know.  It comes from a publication entitled, “Easter: Where It Came From“, printed many years ago, by Southern Publishing Association. An old man is speaking:

The children had gathered around the huge, open fireplace. The lights were turned out and the shooting flames of the great wood fire lit their faces.  Farther back, in a huge rocker, sat de Wise Man.  In the daytime a very prosaic figure known as grandpa. On the special nights, when the children were allowed to ‘stay up’, the fire light played on what seemed like the very soul of the old man, his face, and he became a mystic form, infinitely removed and  yet very close to them.  They called him the Wise Man then.  This Easter night the children begged for the story of Easter.  They did not understand the first part of what he told, but afterward they understood nearly all of it.

‘Here is what they learned’:

“Sunday was held sacred centuries before Sinai. December 25 was highly honored; the time of Easter was religiously observed: and Lent was a time for healing-all thousands of years before the coming of the Babe to Bethlehem!”

“After the Flood, the Garden of Eden was no longer the earth.  You remember the Lord had placed angels with flaming swords at its gates. As the people came to the gates to worship God, their faces were toward the west, for the gates were on the east side of the garden.  When Eden was taken up to God’s dwelling place, and no one knows just when that was, Satan had so confused some that they worshiped the things that God had made instead of God himself.  The next brightest thing men saw was the sun, and they began to worship it. God at creation had given them the Sabbath, to remind them every week that He had made everything, but Satan has always tried to make men forget the Sabbath, so they would forget the true God.

“One of Noah’s great grandsons was called Nimrod.  Nimrod was a great leader, and was the first empire builder.  His wife, history says, was named Semiramis, and she was a very great queen.  Satan was working to counterfeit God’s plan of salvation; and, when Nimrod died, the people said he was a god.  Semiramis told them that he was indeed the sun god and his spirit was still living, dwelling, in the sun.

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